Azure Data Bootcamp - AZD-BC Course Outline

(5 Days)


During this class, students will acquire skills and knowledge related to data fundamentals & controls, processing & data transformation, and data services & related cloud features. In addition, the course will cover data modeling, data storage, data analysis, and visualization.

Audience Profile

Azure data engineers are responsible for data-related implementation tasks that include provisioning data storage services, ingesting streaming & batch data, transforming data, implementing security requirements, implementing data retention policies, identifying performance bottlenecks, and accessing external data sources. In addition, a fundamental part of understanding this role is being responsible for the way the data services are presented in order to deliver the information.


This is a level 200 course; students should be familiar with:

  • Azure (ideally an Intermediate level)
  • Basic Understanding of Data Stream
  • On-Premises Data Repositories
  • Understanding of Data Types
  • Understanding of Relational and No-Relational databases

Course Outline

Module 1: Data Core Concepts and Fundamentals


  • Core Data Concepts
  • Working with Relational and Non-Relational Data on Azure
  • Analytics Workload on Azure
  • Describing and Implementing Data Storage Solutions

Module 2: Managing and Developing Data Processing


  • Managing and Developing Data Processing
  • Developing Batch Processing Solutions
  • Developing Streaming Solutions

Module 3: Monitoring and Optimizing Data Solutions


  • Monitoring Data Storage
  • Monitoring Data Processing
  • Managing Datasets

Module 4: Modeling the Data


  • Getting, Leaning, Transforming, and Loading the Data from Different Data Sources
  • Designing and Developing Data Models
  • Creating Measures by Using DAX
  • Optimizing Model Performance

Module 5: Visualizing and Optimizing Data Models


  • Creating Reports and Dashboards
  • Enhancing Reports to Expose Insights
  • Performing Advanced Analysis