Monitoring and Troubleshooting Network Performance Using DNA Center with Assurance - DNACAM Course Outline

(3 Days )


Monitoring and Troubleshooting Network Performance using Cisco DNA Center with Assurance is a 3-day course whichprovides students with the skills to implement, monitor, troubleshoot, and remediate network infrastructure, applications, and devices using Cisco DNA Center Assurance tools and techniques.


The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this course are as follows:

  • CCNP Level Routing
  • Understanding of Identity Services Engine
  • Practical network and LAN or WAN management experience.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Cisco DNA Center Assurance

  • Introduction to DNA Center
  • System Architecture
  • Key Features and Use Cases
  • Getting Started
  • Navigating the GUI

Module 2: Assurance System Architecture and Data Analytics

  • DNAC Assurance Concepts
  • Assurance Data and Metrics
  • Assurance Health Scores
  • Assurance Time Stamps and Data Refresh Concepts

Module 3: Monitoring Device, Client, and Application Health

  • Monitoring Network Device Health and Performance
  • Monitoring Wired and Wireless Client Health and Performance
  • Monitoring Application Health and Performance

Module 4: Analyzing Issues using Cisco DNA Center Assurance

  • Detecting Issues
  • View and Mediate Issues

Module 5: Troubleshooting using Cisco DNA Center Assurance Tools

  • DNAC Assurance Troubleshooting Tools
  • Using Sensor Tests
  • Using Intelligent Capture

Lab Outline:

  • Getting Started with DNA Center
  • Access Cisco DNA Center
  • Navigate the Cisco DNA Center GUI
  • Verifying Switch Configurations
  • Verify Border Switch Configuration
  • Verify Edge Switch Configuration
  • Configuring Cisco DNA Assurance Integration Options
  • Configure Cisco ISE and CMX Integration
  • Configure DNA Center as NetFlow Collector
  • Preparing Devices for Cisco DNA Assurance
  • Configure Credentials and Discover Devices
  • View Device Inventory and Assign Device Roles
  • Design Network Hierarchy and Assign Devices to Sites
  • Deploy Telemetry Profiles to Switches
  • Position APs on the Floor Map and View RF Predictions
  • Monitoring the Network using the DNAC Assurance
  • Monitor Overall Network Health
  • View Network Device Health
  • Use the Device 360 View
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Wireless Connectivity
  • Monitor Client Health
  • Use the Client 360 View
  • Troubleshoot Client Onboarding Issues
  • Troubleshoot using the Path Trace Tool
  • Configure Sensor Driven Tests